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Hello, my name is Sarah Devine. I am an accredited psychotherapist and trauma psychotherapist.

Understanding your individual needs are the most important factor for making the best decision for you and your difficulties at this time. Often finding the best therapist can be like a minefield.

I have been there myself! When I found myself looking for support the number of different therapists offering different ways of working felt like I needed a degree in psychology to understand what they do and to be honest, I didn’t really have time to research each model and decide which one would best suit my needs. I just wanted someone to help me as soon as possible.

About Me

Before training to become a psychotherapist my career was within the military environment where I served 14 years in the Royal Air Force regular service and 2 years full time reservist. From this experience I was able to grow up relatively quickly in a dynamic fast paced environment. During my time in the military I gained many skills that are transferable to different areas of my life and my career as a psychotherapist.

I trained as a person-centred counsellor and gained experience working as a school counsellor and bereavement counsellor. I then continued my studies and trained as a trauma psychotherapist and then trained as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and worked within the NHS as a High Intensity PTSD specialist.

One factor that is very important when finding your therapist is how you feel with that person.

Do you feel you can trust them with intimate aspects of your life?

Do you feel that they are hearing you and not just through the spoken words?

Do you feel comfortable enough to verbalise those thoughts in your head without the fear of judgement?

Do you feel you can trust this person to challenge you if necessary?

If the answer to any of these are no then it does not matter which model the therapist is trained in, the work you may do within that relationship may be limiting.

If I believe that you will benefit from support that I am not trained in, then I will support you in finding someone that is and ensure to explain why I feel you would be best suited to those types of therapists.

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If you would like more information on the services I offer or to book an initial consultation please get in touch.

You can call me on 07903613669 or leave a message here.

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